Acknowledgment Agreements

The agreement on contractual terms (or verification by legal advisers or independent legal counsel) contains confirmation from a person who is a party to the agreement that he has read and understood the agreement, that he has had the opportunity to review the agreement with independent advisers and that he has voluntarily signed the agreement. . If one part of the agreement is a lawyer, its rules of conduct may require that the other party actually receive advice from independent counsel. (see.B. the rules for lawyers in Ontario. Councillor`s advice. [PARTY A] advised [PARTY B] to review this agreement with a lawyer of his choice before signing this agreement, and [PARTY B] had a reasonable period of time to do so. (a) had a reasonable opportunity to review their terms for no less than [21] days, . (c) was advised by [PARTY A] and had the opportunity to consult a lawyer of his choice regarding this agreement, and . The contract terms confirmation clause should be included when a party, usually the party in a stronger negotiating position (for example. B employer, licensee, landlord, etc.), is represented by a lawyer and the other party does not. For example, this document, a „cautionary and intrusion modification agreement“ between Gulfstream International Group, Inc.

and Shelter Island Opportunity Fund, LLC, was quickly consulted during a search of the SEC`s EDGAR system. Here`s what came after their signature blocks: . ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND AGREEMENT OF GUARANTORS Signatures, every citizen of The Gulfstream International Group`s debt, Inc., a Delaware Corporation (Company) to Shelter Island Opportunity Fund, LLC (Holder), pursuant to the separate guarantee of each warranty dated August 21, 2008 (in the amended version of each warranty), heresafter (i) the receipt of the above agreement and the modification of the securities purchase and cancellation agreement (ii) with respect to the terms and conditions of execution; (iii) reaffirms all obligations to Holder, in accordance with the terms of the guarantee; and (iv) recognizes that Holder may modify, renew, renew, otherwise modify or modify the transaction documents and any debt or agreement of the entity, or enter into an agreement or renew additional or other credit units without notifying or seeking the undersigned`s consent, without impairing the undersigned`s liability for all current and future obligations to Holder.