Co-Publishing Agreement ( Co-Pub )

B) If you are not an artist, the agreement could also stipulate that you have a so-called „Record-Release“ obligation. This means that you must have a minimum number of songs recorded by an artist on a legitimate label, and the songs must be published at the end and start earning income. The money you receive in advance in a co-publication agreement must be refunded to the paying company. Since half of the writer`s income and half is considered a publishing share, you are entitled to 75 cents of every dollar earned (i.e. Your 50 cents as an author and 25 cents as a publisher, since you have distributed half of the publishing house). The company collects your 75 cents of each dollar and puts it against the advance you receive, and you won`t see any other income from them until your total advance is repaid. In the meantime, they receive the remaining 25 cents of every dollar. The co-publication agreement is one of the most important contractual agreements in the music industry. It gives the songwriter a share of certain rights and income to which he would not be entitled under the standard writer-editor contract. A co-publication agreement implies what the name implies – you share the edition with another person (whether it`s an individual or a company).

As a songwriter, you typically assign 50% of your publishing share to this other entity in exchange (usually) for money. The money can take the form of an advance or a draw in which you will be paid in semi-annual, quarterly or even monthly increments. The duration of the co-publication agreement is generally valid for a first year of twelve months, with options for renewing the contract for an additional year. Sometimes, if you are also an artist, the co-publication agreement could be related to any album you make. Of course, you could do all this administrative and creative work yourself, but most songwriters don`t have the knowledge or propensity to take care of their catalog around the world. You want as much time as possible to write more songs! It should be noted that some administrative cases may come with an advance if you have „pipeline revenues“ or if you are threatened with significant activity (. B for example, a big output record). In this case, you do not receive any income until the advance is recovered (as part of the co-publication agreement).