Docker Software License Agreement

2.5 Your account may have the following restrictions, which are determined by the nature and category of the account you have selected based on These restrictions include, among other things, the amount of data stored, the age of the data stored, the pull rate (defined as the number of requirements per hour to download account data from a Docker Hub), the number of autobuilds of images ( and the number of employees described in more detail in If your actions or other use of the Service exceed the privileges of your chosen level of service, Docker reserves the right to impose, at its sole discretion, restrictions related to your chosen level of service, including the removal of data beyond those limits. Repeated violations of these restrictions may result in your account terminating. 6.1 The service allows you and other users to transmit, publish, transfer and share with other users content that is not limited to data files, text, article, document, software or computer code, music, images, audiovisual works, information media and any user feedback that you and other users communicate about or via the service. To avoid doubts, users` content should not contain third-party content (as defined in Section 9). You retain all your ownership rights over your user content. Docker simply displays the user`s content or makes it available to users of the service and does not otherwise control the content of the service. Docker does not guarantee the accuracy or confidentiality of the information contained in the user`s content and strongly recommends that you think carefully about what you are transmitting, transmitting or publishing to the Service. You understand that all the information contained in the user`s content is the sole responsibility of the person from whom the content originates. This means that you, not Docker, are responsible for all user content you download, post, transmit or provide through the Service, as well as any actions taken by Docker or other users as a result of that content.