Heu Collective Bargaining Agreement

The new FBA collective agreement also contains a process and guidelines for the government, health employers and the union to examine the potential for the return of contract services to direct control of health authorities. At the time, the union`s 4,000 members in the contract services sector were reached to protect workers` jobs – and their union representation – when enterprise contracts changed ownership. Bill 29 and Bill 94 denied health care professionals access to their inheritance rights under the Labour Relations Code B.C and eliminated the language „no attribution“ in the partial collective agreement of the institutions. The passage of the Health Sector Repeal Act (Bill 47) of health workers restored the right of health care professionals to access the provisions that would succeed them in the. This framework for labour relations. With these safeguards, workers can no longer lose their collective agreement or union affiliation when a business is sold or transferred from one company to another. „Brick by brick, we are building a new foundation that supports stable jobs for workers and allows British Columbians to get better supplies,“ says Jennifer Whiteside, Secretary and Ceo of HEU. „It was the foundation of a new foundation,“ says Whiteside. „It was a very strong message to the health authorities that the days of expulsion of all the workforce were ending unprotected.“ At the same time, members of the Facilities Bargaining Association were able to recover the contractual protections that had been abolished 16 years earlier by the BC Liberals.

„We are living in a period of political and economic volatility. Our members need to know that they can count on stable employment and that their union is using all available tools to preserve their jobs. For more than a decade and a half, tens of thousands of workers lost their jobs when health services were allocated or signed to private for-profit companies, or when those contracts were „reversed.“ She says a critical turning point came 18 months ago. But sometime in 2019, Whiteside says, the union is on a new job security base for HEU members. These safeguards have been extended to medical personnel and others who are contracted.