Independent Contractor Agreement Expense Reimbursement

A payment application form and questionnaire form for independent contractors must also be completed and sent to independent international contractors. The Internal Revenue Service continues to impose more restrictive rules on payments to independent non-citizen contractors. The following information is required to process a payment to a foreign person. In accordance with IRS rules, travel expenses may be refunded to a foreign person after receiving the following information: the purchase will verify and approve the registration of the potential independent contractor to i-Buy NYU. After approval, the school or unit must enter into a written agreement with the independent contractor before services can begin. The parties use the University`s Master Independent Contractor Agreement, unless the acquisition or the General Council office1 expressly authorizes the use of another agreement. The agreement reached must be made available to the supply as support for the creation and approval of an order request in i-Buy NYU before the start of the corresponding services. The independent contractor is paid for all services provided through creditors and notified to the IRS on Form 1099, pursuant to the terms of the current agreement. This process is necessary to establish the relationship with the individual as an independent of an employer-worker type who would subject the payment of payroll tax. An employee is defined as a person who provides services for which the employer controls the method of intervention, how it will be done and the outcome of the services. In general, people in the company are not employees for themselves. 1 Although the General Council office may approve the terms of an agreement, agreements should normally be submitted for proper verification when contracting. Several applications are made to make payments for reimbursements of services or fees to invited conferences and other visitors/students who are on a visa in the United States.

This section of the directive only concerns the reimbursement of university guests. Staff reimbursements are made through the workflow and reimbursements for students via the student expense reimbursement form (EXP2000S) and/or the exp3000S form for student bonuses and prizes. B. If there is NOT a FISCAL CONTRAT between the United States and the person`s country, Form W-8 and the determination of residency status for the form of federal tax retention that identifies the person as a resident alien who is not subject to the United States.