Lexisnexis Services Agreement

4.9. We are not a law firm; we represent or advise clients in any case and are not bound by the professional obligations and duties of a practising lawyer. Nothing in the Services, Materials or Accord or the receipt or use of the Services may be construed or used as an advertisement or invitation to provide legal services, create a solicitor-client relationship or provide any legal assurance, advice or opinions on our behalf. 1. This licensing agreement exists between LexisNexis Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. („we or we“) and the person or company that provided LexisNexis with online and/or digital services and materials („You“ or „Subscriber“). The following terms and conditions govern your use of online services and/or digital services (such as LexisNexis Red) provided by LexisNexis (the „services“), as well as the content and content available there („Materials“). LICENSE; RESTRICTIONS ON USE (g) any negligence of an insured party or its employees, contractors or auxiliaries in the performance of our obligations under this Agreement (except liability for death or injury). 5.5. Unless otherwise provided, all notifications and other communications must be sent to you in writing or electronically in LN`s services.

The communications they send are considered regular on the date they were deposited in the mail when they were sent; The date of sending when an email is sent On the first available date, if indicated in the services; or the day they are received if they are delivered in another way. Notifications should be sent to your LexisNexis account agent, or if you don`t have an account agent for LexisNexis, with an email copy to help.my@lexisnexis.com. Messages you have sent by email or mail are recorded at the LexisNexis postal or email address. BREXIT: The UK leaves the EU on the day of withdrawal (as defined in the European Union Withdrawal Act (exit) in 2018). This has an impact on this exercise score. To learn more about the impact of Brexit on electronic money requirements, please see the practice: Impact of Brexit: payment services and directives on electronic money – quickly 5.4. Neither party will disclose to third parties the data of this agreement or any of the negotiations concluded under this agreement, including the terms of price or discounts. 5.9. In accordance with Malaysia`s Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (Cap. 709) will provide and export personal data to other members of our group of companies, including RELX Inc.

in the United States and to third parties responsible for the provision or one aspect of services for (a) access and use of Authorized User Services, and (b) the provision of customer media, similar invoices and other similar service-related activities. You accept and consent to your authorized users to accept LN (or third parties acting on behalf of LN) who use this personal data, which is provided under this Agreement, for direct marketing offers and other related marketing and advertising activities, including, but not exclusively, subsequent developments in the legal and/or commercial sector; (b) marketing materials and promotion of LN`s products and services, including printing and/or electronics; (c) updates to upcoming events and seminars; and (d) survey forms for feedback on LN`s products and services. If you do not wish to receive information about other products, services, offers and events, please inform our data protection representative in writing, who has been sent to my.dataprotectionofficer@lexisnexis.com. They also ensure that the consent obtained is true and correct and that the person concerned voluntarily provides all the personal data necessary for the purposes of this agreement and that that consent extends to export, as noted above.