Ontario Rental Agreement Guarantor

Hey, Micheal. Let`s hope you know the answer to my question. I looked everywhere. Can a Canadian father be the guarantor of his son in Ontario while the father lives all year round in the United States? Every insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Hey, Michael. I have the question of whether the guarantor should remain in Canada during my lease. So far, there is no statement in my rental agreement on the limit where my deposit can stay. And my guarantor is a Canadian, but he wants to stay in HK during my contact period for several months. Would there be legal complications if my landlord discovered that my guarantor would not remain in Canada when there is no statement about it in the contract? My guarantor can still pay for defaults or damages that may pass through his Canadian bank account, even though it is very unlikely that defaults will occur. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hello guys: I can`t find anything that would prohibit such a requirement. I think there may be a problem if the requirements for guarantors exceed the requirements that can be used to choose a tenant when you access human rights. Are you wondering if a claim or criteria required by a guarantor, which could not be required of a potential tenant on the grounds of the human rights code, are not invoked as discrimination under the HRC? I do not see any problem with the proof of income itself, but the way it is used as a criterion for selecting tenants can be a problem.

Michael K. E. Thielewww.ottawalawyers.com Hello Michael! First of all, I would like to thank you for your time, I learned a lot from your blog! My wife and I live in Montreal and we move to Toronto in a month. We are both independents. Our credit rating is excellent and revenues more than adequate. However, the inseminator asks for a guarantor because we are self-employed, is that not a bit discriminatory? Hello: I must say it`s a strange one. I have not yet heard of an owner who refuses several leases. The more tenants there are, the more security there is for the performance of rental obligations. Based on what you say, either your daughter is the tenant or her boyfriend is the tenant.