Transport Canada Aircraft Lease Agreement

(a) the lessor and lessor each have a Canadian operator certificate issued for the type of aircraft to be operated; registration of aircraft shares and leasing (a) the Canadian air carrier is issued one or more of these authorizations for aircraft registered for a period of 30 consecutive months for 24 months or more in a foreign state; or (c) other information about the aircraft that the Minister deems necessary for registration, inspection and certification. 202.63 If a permanent or temporary registration certificate issued to an aircraft is issued, the Minister removes the name and address of the person to whom the aircraft was registered from the Canadian Civil Aircraft Registry. Record aircraft manufactured and imported into Canada, ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, amateur aircraft. The time within which the withdrawal may take place depends on the refusal of the execution by other parties with competing rights. If there is no opposition, an order to give up the plane can be obtained in a few weeks. However, it can take up to one or two years if a trial is required. (b) the leaseholder is qualified as the registered owner of a Canadian aircraft; In common law countries, the lease, if it is a conditional sales contract with a right to purchase or create a security interest, may restrict the right to take possession of an aircraft. In the event of a default, the civil authority is the only one that can seize the aircraft. In bankruptcy proceedings initiated by the lessor, landlords must respect a stay of 60 days in accordance with Option A of the Cape Town Convention. During this period, the tenant must receive the aircraft in accordance with the rental agreement and wait. At the end of the 60-day stay period, the tenant must return the aircraft to the landlord, unless the default is corrected or if the tenant agrees to meet future commitments. Are there any restrictions on the clauses of choice in interest transfer contracts or the creation of guarantees by air? If the parties are not free to specify the applicable law, is the law of the location of the aircraft or the registration of the aircraft applicable? (a) a person who is a registered owner of the aircraft dies; It is advisable to register security interests in property governed by the Cape Town Convention, both at the provincial registry level and at the international registry level. Objects that are not covered by the Cape Agreement definition of „aircraft objects“ are covered by the corresponding warranty.