Visual Studio Express License Agreement

These licensing terms are an agreement between you and Microsoft Corporation (or based on your place of residence, one of its related companies). They apply to the above software. The conditions also apply to all Microsoft services or updates for the software, except as long as they have different conditions. The Express is really free. It is not a 🙂 I would stop to wonder why you want to use it, because there are almost no cases where your company is not the big loser of VisualStudio. It is free because it is basically only useful for learning and making products that block you at a really high cost on the road. Development studios are free for any large platform. Don`t just jump into VS because you can get a free version. The odds are good, 99% of the time, you should run away.

This license applies to the Visual Studio code product. Visual Studio`s source code is available in under the license agreement placed under For more information on licensing, check out our FAQ. Visual Studio Express products are available free of charge and can be used for commercial production purposes subject to the licensing conditions of each product. I have 7 guys (including me) who basically use FDI to make console apps and web applications, let`s take a hypothetical case, in which 4 employees have installed Visual Studio Express (I just finished buying Visual Studio Professional for each of them so that this is no longer a problem for me) and the other 3 have Visual Studio Professional licenses, I`m doing some kind of license violation using the Express Edition, I ask the question because one of Microsoft`s partners said, „You can`t use Visual Studio Express for any type of development activity. The license is per user. I think you are limited to very small teams per organization. Visual Studio Express has been replaced by visual Studio Community-Edition, which is also available for free,[4] but with another license. Compared to Visual Studio Express, the new license for open source licenses is more user-friendly, but less so for some open source developers. Community publishing works with plugins, a function that until now was exclusive for paid editions (professional and superior).

However, all Express editions of Visual Studio 2015 are currently available [5] in addition to Express 2017 for Windows Desktop. The alternative recommended by Microsoft is Visual Studio Community 2019. I reviewed the 2017 license here and I understand: „A number of free development tools are also available, including Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8, Visual Studio Express 2012 for The Web, Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop and Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone 8. These tools provide a subset of the features available in Visual Studio Professional 2012 and are specific to writing applications that target these platforms. Each of these Visual Studio Express 2012 products is authorised per user and is subject to the terms of use contained in the product. Visual Studio Express can be used to create production applications.… Yes, I have read the licensing agreements and it does not say anything very clear. Edition: Thanks for all the help and advice, I end now because it seems like it`s really free!. Subject to clause (ii) above, Microsoft is only liable for slight negligence if Microsoft violates the essential obligations of the contract, the performance of which facilitates the performance of this agreement, the violation of which compromises the purpose of this agreement and of which a party can consistently trust („cardinal obligations“).