An Agreement Requires a Meeting of Minds Comments

A contract could stipulate that a defendant must pay a plaintiff for the use of a product or service for a certain amount. There could even be a hell or flood clause to enforce the applicant`s right to payment. The defendant could argue that its understanding of the contract allows payments to be made at a different time interval than the plaintiff. You could claim that payments would be spread over a longer period of time if the contract does not include detailed language in which due dates are set. In this case, such a defence could fail in court if it can be shown that a reasonable person reviewing the contract would in fact interpret its intent and purpose in the same way as the plaintiff set out it in his argument. This would mean that the meeting of minds alluded to the understanding of certain payment terms. According to the formalistic theory of the contract, each contract must have six elements: the offer, the acceptance, the consideration, the meeting of minds, the legal capacity and the legality. Many other contracts, but not all types of contracts, must also be written and signed by the responsible party in an element called a Form. [Citation needed] English contract scholar Richard Austen-Baker suggested that maintaining the concept in modern times is based on confusion with the concept of consensus ad idem („consent to the same [thing]“), which is an undisputed prerequisite for synallagmatic contracts, and that this confusion could be the result of recent ignorance of Latin.

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